viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

Ebook en oferta: Vurt, de Jeff Noon

En estos momentos se puede adquirir Vurt, de Jeff Noon, en formato electrónico por 1,49€ en Amazon España

Ésta es la sinopsis de la novela:

Take a trip in a stranger's head. Travel rain-shot streets with a gang of hip malcontents, hooked on the most powerful drug you can imagine. Yet Vurt feathers are not for the weak. As the mysterious Game Cat says, ‘Be careful, be very careful’. But Scribble isn't listening. He has to find his lost love. His journey is a mission to find Curious Yellow, the ultimate, perhaps even mythical Vurt feather. As the most powerful narcotic of all, Scribble must be prepared to leave his current reality behind.

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