jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Ebook en oferta: North American Lake Monsters, de Nathan Ballingrud

La oferta del día de hoy en Weightless Books es North American Lake Monsters: Stories, de Nathan Ballingrund. El libro fue finalista del Premio Bram Stoker y viene con la recomendación especial de Josep María Oriol, el insigne VerdHugo. Esta colección de relatos se puede adquirir durante el día de hoy, en formato electrónico sin DRM, por 2,99$. 

Ésta su sinopsis:
In this striking, bleak yet luminous debut collection, Nathan Ballingrud, winner of the inaugural Shirley Jackson Award, uses the trappings of the Gothic and the uncanny to investigate a distinctly American landscape: the loneliest and darkest corners of contemporary life. 
Ballingrud’s stories are love stories. They’re also monster stories. Sometimes the monsters collected here are vampires or werewolves. Sometimes they wear the faces of parents, lovers, brothers, ex-wives—sometimes they wear the faces we see in our mirrors.

The people in these stories, ex-cons, single parents, unemployed laborers, kids seduced by extremism, are stranded by life, driven to desperate acts by love and a longing for connection.

Sometimes they’re ruined; sometimes redeemed. They are always recognizably, wonderfully, terrifyingly human. Even at their most monstrous.

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