martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Free ebook: The Micro-Age by Liu Cixin

Update: The Micro-Age is a free download again (April 11, 2013) 

The Micro-Age by Liu Cixin is currently free to download (Amazon ES, Amazon US). This is the product description:
The Forerunner now knew that he was the only person left in the universe. It had already happened. HNS Ark truly had become a true ark; An Ark with a lone Noah. Of the other seven Forerunners four had been killed by radiation when a star exploded in a nova four light years from the Ark, two had succumbed to illness, one man had, in the silence of that fateful slow-down, shot himself. The Ark returned to the Solar System, 25,000 years after its departure from Earth; 9,000 years later than first planned.

According to predictions in the "Living Planet Report," a biannual report issued by the London Zoological Society and the World Wildlife Foundation, if humans continue their development of the land and sea at the current rate, then by the year 2030 in order to produce enough food, raw materials, and water resources, as well as absorbing the carbon dioxide produced by human activities, we will need two planets to survive.

What will save us? Enter Liu Cixin's Micro-Age to find one choice.

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