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Ebooks de Mazarkis Williams en oferta

En estos momentos se pueden comprar dos ebooks de Mazarkis Williams a precio reducido en Kobo. Los títulos son The Emperor's Knife y Knife Sworn, primera y segunda parte de la trilogía Tower and Knife. Los precios son 1,26€ y 2,30€, respectivamente, pero recordad que podéis aplicar el cupón BookRiot50 para reducirlos a la mitad. 

Éstas son las sinopsis de las novelas:

There is a cancer at the heart of the mighty Cerani Empire: a plague that marks each victim with a fragment of a greater design. And as the geometric patterns cover the skin, so the victims fall under the power of the Pattern Master. 
The lost prince Sarmin, the emperor's only surviving brother, lies locked in a hidden room. As the pattern draws closer to the palace he is at last remembered, and now he awaits the bride his mother has chosen: Mesema, a Windreader from the northern plains. She is used to riding free across the grasslands, now she must learn the politicking of the Court is not a game, but deadly earnest. 
Eyul, imperial assassin, is burdened by the atrocities he has committed, and his advancing years. As commanded he bears the emperor's Knife to the desert in search of a cure for the pattern-markings. Conspiracies soon boil over into open violence and the enemy moves toward victory. Now only three people stand in his way: a lost prince, a world-weary killer, and a young girl who once saw a path through the waving grasses...
After years locked in a tower, Prince Sarmin has come into his own. He has been crowned emperor; he has wed Mesema of the horse tribes; the Pattern-Master is dead. Everything should be happy-ever-after. 
But war has begun, Sarmin has no royal assassin, and both his wife and mother have given birth to sons, throwing the succession into question. 
The last thing anyone needs is for Kavic, the Yrkman peace envoy, to be murdered in his bed. There are numerous possible killers, and with no convincing explanation for Kavic's death, there is no hope for peace. It's up to Grada, Sarmin's trusted investigator, to solve the mystery - no matter how close to the throne the answer may lie.

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