jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Ebook gratuito: Burn Baby Burn, de James Maxey

En estos momentos se puede descargar gratuitamente de Smashwords el ebook Burn Baby Burn: A Supervillain Novel, de James Maxey. 

Ésta es su sinopsis:
Pit Geek and Sundancer are supervillains in an age when superheroes have been outlawed. After years in hiding, the two team up for a series of spectacular bank robberies that threatens to disrupt the world economy. When a new government sanctioned team of heroes known as the Covenant appears to halt their crime wave, Sundancer and Pit Geek are forced to take desperate measures to retain their freedom. When they finally run out of places to hide, can the world survive when Sundancer unleashes the full force of her solar powers?

Burn Baby Burn follows the events of Nobody Gets the Girl. The novel stands alone if you haven’t read Nobody, but does contain spoilers as the characters discuss changes in the world following the events of the earlier novel.

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