lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Ebooks de Andy Remic y Tim Waggoner en oferta

Angry Robot ha añadido dos nuevos ebooks a su oferta navideña (recordad: una libra esterlina cada uno usando el código mincepie). Son los siguientes:

Night Terrors, Tim Waggoner

It's Supernatural meets Men in Black in a darkly humorous urban fantasy from the author of Nekropolis. 
When you dream, you visit the Maelstrom. Dream long enough and hard enough, and your dreams can break through into the living world. So, alas, can your nightmares.
And who's there to catch the dreams and nightmares as they fall into reality? Meet the Shadow Watch. 
Pray you never need them...

The White Towers, Andy Remic

Vagandrak is broken, and a new threat has arisen that threatens to defeat even the mighty Iron Wolves. 
The twisted, deviant Elf Rats have gathered in the toxic realm beyond the White Lion Mountains... swiftly they invade the troubled land of Vagandrak, killing for profit and pleasure. 
The now-disgraced Iron Wolves are the realm's only hope, but there's a problem: they've been sentenced to death by the insane King Yoon for the dark sorcery in their blood. 
In the mountains of Zalazar lie the White Towers, pillars of legend said to contain the Heart of the Elves. The Iron Wolves must journey north to steal the Heart, and purify the evil in the land, but the land belongs to the Elves – and they won't give it up without a fight!

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