martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

Novedad: Outriders, de Jay Posey

Angry Robot pone hoy a la venta Outriders, una novela de ciencia ficción de Jay Posey. 

Ésta es su sinopsis:
A daring hostage rescue leads to the discovery of an imminent terrorist attack. Thanks to the Outriders, thousands of lives are saved. Until they aren't. 
Despite the intelligence and the warnings provided by the unit, the terrorist attack goes off unhindered. What was supposed to be a triumph becomes a tragedy, and a "mission completed" completely unravels. And when they learn the reasons why, the Outriders find themselves tasked with stopping a war before it can ever start. 
A dangerously cunning woman who most assuredly should be dead has seemingly returned. And her plans aren't just devastating, they might be unstoppable. How do you defeat a hidden enemy when you can't let them know they've been discovered?

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