viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

Novedad: At the Speed of Light, de Simon Morden

Ya está a la venta At the Speed of Light, de Simon Morden, segunda entrega de la nueva colección de novelas cortas de NewCon Press. 

Ésta es su sinopsis:

A breathless drama set in the depths of space. Aboard a ship that has travelled beyond the reach of human knowledge, Corbyn discovers he is not as alone as he ought to be. 
An intense hard SF novella from Simon Morden (B.Sc. Hons., Sheffield, Ph.D, Newcastle), a bona fide rocket scientist with degrees in geology and planetary geophysics who also writes science fiction.

The author of a dozen novels and collections, Simon won the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award. At the Speed of Light is one of his finest works to date.

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