martes, 15 de enero de 2013

Free Ebook: Beyond the Waters of the World by Ruth Nestvold

Beyond the Waters of the World by Ruth Netstold is currently free to download from Amazon (US, ES). This is the product description:
On the planet Kailazh, the challenges confronting the Allied Interstellar Community first contact team far exceed the norm. Yet if dealing with an alien culture is inevitably problematic for explorers setting foot on an unfamiliar world, how much more so must it be for the inhabitants of the planet themselves, who must deal with bizarre realities that collide head-on with their core beliefs?

Kislan is a factor in his family's shipping company, a man who has seen countless ships dock at his home port of Edaru from many different cities, a man who deals daily with foreign goods from around the known world. But the ship that arrives from the stars brings more than exotic innovations, it brings ideas that will reshape his life.

And it brings the beautiful ambassador from the stars, Toni Donato.

Beyond the Waters of the World is a science fiction novella of approximately 23,000 words, or about 60 pages. It is the second book in the Looking Through Lace series.

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