sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

Free Ebook: Red Sun Bleeding by Stephen Hunt

Red Sun Bleeding by Stephen Hunt is currently free to download from Amazon (US, ES). This is the synopsis of the book:
RED SUN BLEEDING (Book three in the 'Sliding Void' series)

It should have all been so easy for Captain Lana Fiveworlds, owner of Fiveworlds Shipping and master of the free trader starship 'Gravity Rose'. A simple supply run to a mining operation in deep space on a world called Abracadabra. Alright, so the mining operation was illegal and the world unclaimed... that's why the job paid so damn well. But now she's stuck on a hothouse jungle planet, sweltering under the light of a dying red sun with not only oddly missing miners, but vanished crewmen too.

The exiled barbarian prince Calder Durk had disappeared, presumed dragged over the mining camp's laser fence by one of the not-so-pleasant local predators. The skipper may or may not be in love with him, but you can never leave one of your own behind. Lana's android has a bad feeling about the place, and she also has to contend with an arrogant mission leader who is part of humanity's near immortal super-rich ruling class.

Things are looking bad, and that was before the space pirates her rivals have paid to put her out of business jumped in-system looking to hijack her ship.

Sadly for the crew of the Gravity Rose, matters can get even worse when they discover why nobody's ever survived Abracadabra long enough to put it on the charts. For this is one world with a terrible secret. And it just might be the last one for everyone trapped down on the planet.

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