viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

New Release: The Wandering Earth: Classic Science Fiction Collection by Liu Cixin

The Wandering Earth: Classic Science Fiction Collection is a recently published digital collection of 11 stories by Liu Cixin. Although these stories were already available in English individually, now you can get all of them in this collected edition for only $3.99 (Amazon US, Amazon ES). If you don't know Liu Cixin's amazing work yet, this is an excellent chance to enjoy eleven stories by one of my favorite science fiction authors. Highly, highly recommended.

These are the product description and the table of contents:
The Wandering Earth” is a collection of short stories by Liu Cixin, China's most acclaimed contemporary science-fiction author. Unabashedly classic in the great tradition of Asimov and Clarke, Liu Cixin's science-fiction is firmly rooted in the cosmic. “[most] literature has always left me with the impression of indulging an intense anthropocentric narcissism. […] In the world of literature, the Sun exists for no other reason than to illuminate the pure, unadulterated countryside, the Moon has no other reason to shine than to cast the shadows of the seaside lovers, [but] if the universe is the Sahara, then all that makes the Earth a grain of gold within it, is that a particular bacteria called humanity clinging to its surface.” Liu Cixin uses the unique perspective of science-fiction to take us on a journey into this majestic, desolate cosmos. He gives us the chance to reacquaint ourselves with the fundamental truth that in the face of a vast universe we are no more than a speck of dust; That the Earth is just another celestial body – And an extremely vulnerable one at that. The flash of a gamma-ray burst or the blast of a nearby supernova could, at any moment, reduce our cherished home to nothing but ashes.

It can be terrifying to contemplate the end of our world and stories that describe such destruction can be disturbing. At the same time however, they can leave us feeling not only entertained, but exhilarated and inspired. Maybe, they can even give us a chance to renew our love of life. Most stories found in the “The Wandering Earth” collection take us to a sci-fi vision of Earth's end. But here, there are no Hollywood aliens, descending from the depths of space to blow up our cities. In these futures, the dangers humanity faces are much stranger and whimsical than that. The unexpected calamities that befall his richly detailed worlds are only eclipsed by humanity's epic, but always plausible, attempts to escape destruction.

In all this peril and doom, Liu Cixin always feels for humanity. His stories are full of a deep love for all of Earth's peoples. But even this love does not escape reflection and even ridicule when viewed through his unrelenting cosmic lens. No matter how dearly one loves the Earth, humanity and all its cultures, there is no avoiding the cold, hard truth that they mean absolutely nothing when viewed against the vastness of the universe. But even an infinite universe could not change the simple fact that we are worthy of love, that we need love. It is this twist that lies at the very heart of the stories in this collection.

Table of contents

  1. The Wandering Earth
  2. Mountain
  3. Of Ants and Dinosaurs
  4. Sun of China
  5. The Wages of Humanity
  6. Curse 5.
  7. The Micro-Age
  8. Devourer
  9. Taking Care of Gods
  10. With Her Eyes
  11. The Longest Fall

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