miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

Ebook gratis: The Suiting, de Kelley Wilde

En estos momentos se puede descargar gratuitamente de Amazon el libro ganador del Premio Bram Stoker de 1988 a la Mejor Novela de Debut: The Suiting, de Kelley Wilde (pseudónimo de Reb MacRath). Ésta es la sinopsis de la obra:
While running for life from a loan shark, Jean-Paul Bouchette leaves a custom-tailored suit in an unlocked Toronto subway locker. An hour later, as Bouchette is killed, a timid clerk named Victor Frankl finds the suit and takes it. No, he doesn't mean to steal it. He just wants to try it on. It's far too big, but his fate's cinched when he begins to wonder: what if he works out and grows till it fits? Grow he does, with astonishing speed until the suit seems custom-made. Now the suit itself seems to dictate the additional changes he makes: he wears his hair longer and grows a mustache, puts new swagger in his walk, makes winning moves on the ladies. Unknown to Victor, he's now a marked man in a game with an old evil that needed a ringer for Jean-Paul Bouchette. 

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