domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Novedad: Resurrection Code, de Lyda Morehouse

Wizard's Tower Press ha publicado Resurrection Code, la precuela de Archangel Protocol, de Lyda Morehouse. Se puede adquirir en formato digital sin DRM por 1,99£. 

Ésta es su sinopsis:
Where were you the day the Aswan dams broke? It’s the question that defines my generation. Me, I was stuck in British School al-Rehab hundreds of kilometers from the destruction that plunged North Africa into darkness and drowned twenty million people as massive floods reclaimed the ancient Nile valley. We watched the privileged and the sane abandon Egypt to the criminals, prostitutes, and a mysterious murderous cult of Osiris known as the Deadboys. Not much of the capitol remained, and my life really went to hell. 
But that’s not where my story really starts. 
My story starts the day I, Christian El-Aref, distinguished myself from the thousands of Cairo street rats and became the Mouse. And I had that dead UN soldier whose body that I, quite literally, stumbled over to thank for it all. Now, if only I can keep myself from getting murdered… 
Also included: Morehouse’s AngeLINK-related short story, “ishtartu,” from the Lambda Award-nominated collectionPeriphery.

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