sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

Ebook en oferta: The Bloodline Feud, de Charles Stross

En estos momentos se puede adquirir en varias tiendas online (Amazon ES, Kobo) el ebook The Bloodline Feud, de Charles Stross, al precio promocional de 1,49€. Se trata de una edición omnibus que contiene los dos primeros volúmenes de la serie The Merchant Princes.

Ésta es la sinopsis del libro:
The Family Trade and The Hidden Family - The first two installments of the Merchant Princes series combined in one volume. 
Miriam Beckstein is a successful reporter for a hi-tech magazine. So when she discovers a huge money-laundering scam, she thinks she’s hit the big time. But when she takes it to her editor, not only is she fired, but she starts to receive death threats. And that’s just the beginning. To distract her furious daughter, Miriam’s adoptive mother unearths mementos from her real mother, murdered when she was an infant. But these reveal a secret that will ultimately throw entire governments into disarray. For what Miriam thinks is a simple locket has the power to fling her into an alternate timeline. In this less-developed world, knights on horseback wield automatic weapons, and world-skipping assassins lurk – all on the other side of our reality. Here, her true family runs a criminal empire – and they want her back. But Miriam has other plans.

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