sábado, 3 de junio de 2017

Novedad: Lightning in the Blood, de Marie Brennan

Tor.com ha puesto ya a la venta Lightning in the Blood, la continuación de Cold-Forged Flame, de Marie Brennan (podéis leer mi reseña de la primera entrega aquí).

Esta es la sinopsis del libro:
Once, there was a call—a binding—and so, a woman appeared, present in body but absent in knowledge of her past self. 
Making the ultimate journey of rediscovery was not without its own pitfalls—or rewards—and now Ree, a roaming archon, spirit of legend and time and physically now bound to her current form, has yet to fully uncover her true identity. 
Ree has spent her last innumerable seasons on the move—orbiting, in some sense, the lands of her only friend in this world, Aadet, who has become intricately involved in the new post-revolution politics of his people. Swinging back from the forests surrounding Solaike, Ree falls in with another wandering band, some refugees accompanied by their own archon, who seems to know much more about Ree's own origins than she ever dared to hope. 
Lushly woven against a foreign, and yet familiar, fantastical setting, Lightning in the Blood is the second epic adventure in Marie Brennan's novella series with Tor.com.

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