viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Novedad: Mightier than the Sword, de K.J. Parker

Subterranean Press pone hoy a la venta Mightier than the Sword, la nueva novela corta de K.J. Parker (podéis leer mi reseña aquí).

Esta es su sinopsis:
An Imperial legate is called into see his aunt, who just happens to be the empress running the civilized world while her husband's in his sick bed. After some chastisement, she dispatches her nephew to take care of the dreaded Land and Sea Raiders, pirates who've been attacking the realm's monasteries. 
So begins a possibly doomed tour of banished relatives and uppity royals put in charge of monasteries like Cort Doce and Cort Malestan, to name a few. While attempting to discover the truth of what the pirates might be after, the legate visits great libraries and halls in each varied locale and conducts a romance of which he knowsbut doesn't carehis aunt will not approve. With enough wit and derring-do (and luck), the narrator might just make it through his mission alive...or will he? 
World Fantasy Award winner K. J. Parker's newest novella "Mightier than the Sword" presents itself as a translated oddity of a document called "Concerning the Monasteries." But in true Parker style, this novella is instead a sprightly, riveting tale that reveals secret upon secret, building to an ending at once perfect and perfectly unpredictable.

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