sábado, 6 de mayo de 2017

Novedad: The Ion Raider, de Ian Whates

Ya está a la venta The Ion Raider, de Ian Whates, la continuación de Pelquin's Comet y segunda entrega de la saga The Dark Angels

Esta es su sinopsis:
The sequel to the Amazon UK #1 best seller in SF Books Pelquin's Comet. 
As Drake receives his most unusual assignment yet – one which he suspects is a trap but knows he can’t refuse – his former crew, the notorious Dark Angels, are being hunted down one by one and murdered. 
Determined to find those responsible 
before they find her, Leesa teams up with another former Dark Angel, Jen, and together they set out to thwart the mysterious organization known as Saflik, little dreaming where that path will lead them.

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