domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Free Ebook: Stupefying Stories, The 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology

For a limited time only, Stupefying Stories: The 2013 Cambpbellian Pre-Reading Antohology is free to download. This ebook includes short stories and novel excerpts by a number of authors that are eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer.

This is the table of contents:

Anatoly Belilovsky:
          "Of Mat and Math"
M. David Blake: 
          "Absinthe Fish"
          "When the Pupil is Ready"
          "Don't Eat the Piano Player"
David Carani:
          "The Paradise Aperture" 
Zen Cho:
          起狮,行礼 (The Rising Lion—The Lion Bows)
          "The House of Aunts"
Adam Christopher:
          Empire State (novel excerpt)
          Seven Wonders (novel excerpt) 
John Chu:
          "Best of All Possible Worlds" 
Krystal Claxton:
          "Sapience and Maternal Instincts" 
Robert Dawson:
          "The Widow"
          "Please Wait"
Thoraiya Dyer:
          "Breaking the Ice"
          "Sleeping Beauty"
          "Complaints Department"
Ronald D. Ferguson:
          "His Brother was an Only Child"
          "Hire Education"
Sarah Frost:
          "Falls the Firebrand"
          "Borrowed Feathers"
Rebecca Gomez Farrell:
Damien Walters Grintalis:
          "Like Origami in Water"
          "They Make of You a Monster"
Lee Hallison:
          "This Life"
          "Taking Care of Ma"
Michael Haynes:
          "An Unsuitable Job for a Human"
          "Twenty-Seven Rules for Coping"
Michael Hodges:
          "Seven Fish for Sarah"
          "Street Lamps and Carbaryl"
Van Aaron Hughes:
          "The Dualist"
          "The Burbles"
          "Random Fire"
Micah Joel:
          "Ritchie Boss: Private Investigator Manager" 
Alex Kane:
          "In the Arms of Lachiga" 
Kenneth S. Kao:
          "The Trickster's Bones"
Mur Lafferty:
          "750,000 of Your Friends Like This"
          "The Reason for the Season"
Anaea Lay:
          "Your Cities" 
Lauren Liebowitz:
Marina J. Lostetter:
          "Rats Will Run" 
Wakefield Mahon:
          "International Intrigue"
Rich Matrunick:
          "The Watchmaker's Gift" 
T.C. McCarthy:
          "Somewhere It Snows" 
D. Thomas Minton:
          "Thief of Futures"
          "Observations on a Clock"
          "My Mask, Humanity"
Bernie Mojzes:
          "The Ritual of Names in Prague in the Last Days of the New Empire" 
Grayson Bray Morris:
          "A Puddle of Dead"
          "Death Comes for Maggie McDaniel"
          "Putting Down Roots"
Trina Marie Phillips:
          "Until They Come" 
Sarah Pinsker:
          "Twenty Ways the Desert Could Kill You"
          "Not Dying in Central Texas"
          "The Ants Go Marching"
Andrew Penn Romine:
          "The Parting Glass" 
Robert Lowell Russell:
          "The Question" 
Martin L. Shoemaker:
          "The Night We Flushed the Old Town"
          "The Mother Anthony"
Alex Shvartsman:
          "A Shard Glows in Brooklyn"
          "You Bet"
Cory Skerry:
          "The Word is Cruel, My Daughter"
          "Sinking Among Lilies"
Grant Stone:
          "Young Love on the Run from the Federal Alien Administration New Mexico Division (1984)" 
Amy Sundberg:
          "Forever Sixteen"
          "The Box in My Pocket"
          "Daddy's Girl"
Peter Sursi:
          "The Seven Samovars" 
Nicole M. Taylor:
          "A Spoonful of Salt"
          "The Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter"
          "In the Valley"
Nick T. Chan:
          "The Command for Love" 
Sylvia Spruck Wrigley:
          "Looking for a Knight in Shining Armor"

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