martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Novedad: Europe in Winter, de Dave Hutchinson

Ya está a la venta Europe in Winter, de Dave Hutchinson, la tercera parte de la serie iniciada conEurope in Autumn (que, por cierto, está de oferta en Amazon ES, Kobo y Google Play)

Ésta es su sinopsis:
A Fractured Europe. A Parallel World. A Global Threat. 
Union has come. The Community is now the largest nation in Europe; trains run there from as far afield as London and Prague. It is an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity. 
So what is the reason for a huge terrorist outrage? Why do the Community and Europe meet in secret, exchanging hostages? And who are Les Coureurs des Bois? 
Along with a motley crew of strays and mafiosi and sleeper agents, Rudi sets out to answer these questions – only to discover that the truth lies both closer to home and farther away than anyone could possibly imagine.

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