miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

Novedad: Messiah Node, de Lyda Morehouse

Wizard's Tower Press ha puesto a la venta Messiah Node de Lyda Morehouse, el tercer volumen de la serie iniciada con Archangel Protocol. El libro se puede adquirir en ebook (sin DRM) por 2,49 libras. 

Ésta es la sinopsis de la novela:
The sign. 
When a meteorite falls from the sky, the destruction left in its wake lights a political fuse that could bring on Armageddon. 
The prophet. 
Just when the world could use a savior, the prophet Elijah appears. His search for a messiah leads him to the daughter of the archangel Michael. 
The savior. 
Meanwhile other messiah hopefuls spring up around the world -- including Page, an AI already tangled in webs of religion and deception. Yet as false shepherds lead the lambs to their doom, it may be up to Page's creator, the criminal mastermind known as Mouse, to save them all....

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