miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Ebook gratis: Awake in the Night, de John C. Wright

En estos momentos se puede descargar gratuitamente de Amazon la novela corta Awake in the Night de John C. Wright. Ésta es su sinopsis:
AWAKE IN THE NIGHT is the first of John C. Wright's four brilliant forays into the dark fantasy world of William Hope Hodgson's 1912 novel, The Night Land. Widely considered to be the finest tribute to Hodgson ever written, this novella was previously published in 2004 in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-First Annual Collection. The five-million year epic that begins with "Awake in the Night" continues in AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, which in addition to "Awake in the Night" contains "The Cry of the Night-Hound", "Silence of the Night", and "The Last of All Suns", which collectively tell the haunting tale of the Last Redoubt of Man and the end of the human race.

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