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Free Ebook: Killing with the Edge of the Moon by A.A. Attanasio

Killing with the Edge of the Moon by A.A. Attanasio is currently free to download on Amazon (US, ES). This is the product description:
"Blud-eye-eth" is a fabled woman of Celtic myth." The witch's eyes shone in the dark like tiny silver mirrors. "The name means 'Flower Face," which is the owl's poetic nickname, the bird who steals souls - for Blud-eye-eth was a woman made from magic and flowers and, like the owl, she had no soul of her own."

The speaker is a hickory-faced crone trying to explain to Chet, a shy kid with eyeglasses and pocket protector, why he can't take her granddaughter to the high school dance. For quiet, elfin Flannery is not like other kids. A living Blud-eye-eth, she has caught the attention of the faerie, beautiful evil creatures from a mysterious Otherworld, who seduce their victims with moonlight raves before feeding them to a dragon and hunting souls with a supernatural black dog of prodigious evil.

And they have taken Flannery for one of their own.

And she won't be going to the school dance - not unless Chet rescues her.

This modern, demonic fairy tale weaves together themes of passion and self-discovery into an intricate Celtic knot of myth, moon magic, and teen romance. Thrust together in a dark, erotic Otherworld, Flannery and Chet discover they know each other better than they known their own hearts ... but can they sort things out before the black dog finds them?

And what was that about a dragon?

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