sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012

Free Ebook: Wyvern by A.A. Attanasio

Update: Wyvern is a free download again (January 20, 2013)

Wyvern by A.A.Attanasio is currently free on Amazon (Amazon ES, Amazon US) (via Books on the Knob). This is the product description:
Headhunters, sorcerers, pirates and Indian princes thrive in this exciting and poetic tale of a young outcast in Borneo. Born in 1609, son of a native woman and a Dutch sea captain he never knew, Jaki Gefjon grows up in the jungle as a sorcerer's apprentice. Later kidnapped by pirates, he befriends his captor, Trevor Pym, notorious for his dreaded man-of-war, Wyvern. The scientific marvels on the European privateer become the young soul-catcher’s passion—until he falls for Lucinda, the headstrong daughter of Pym's sworn enemy. Propelled by intrigue, pirates' battles, curses and visions, this seafaring saga takes Lucinda and Jaki from the South Seas to India—and to a bold, unforeseen destiny in the New World. Join the journey! 

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