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Announcing the BSFA Awards special and a giveaway

(Disclaimer: English is my second language, so I want to apologize in advance for there may be mistakes in the text below. If you find any, please let me know so that I can correct it. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.)

Here at Sense of Wonder we love genre Awards. For instance, see the recent posts on Hugo Recommendations, the speculation on the possible nominees for the Best Novel Category and the series of posts (in Spanish) on how to participate, the nomination process and the different categories of the Hugos. I also tried talking my Spanish readers into voting on the Locus Awards. And I interviewed Ken Liu when it was announced that two of his stories were nominated for the Nebula Awards.

The BSFA Awards winners will be announced soon, at the 2012 Eastercon, which takes place from the 6th of April in London. Thus, the following weeks on Sense of Wonder will be especially devoted to these awards. I will be posting some reviews and articles about the nominees. And I will be running a giveaway for the first time (and not the last, hopefully) on this blog. 

The rules of the giveaway are as follows:
  • The giveaway is open internationally and to anyone (but if you live in Spain you have an additional choice of prize. See below).
  • To enter the giveaway you must comment on the blog posts that are associated to the BSFA Awards Special (the posts of the special will be listed on this page). 
  • Each post associated with the BSFA Awards Special in which you comment can get you an entry for the giveaway. 
  • In each post, there will be one or more questions that you'll need to answer in order to get an entry.
  • You can comment on each post as many times as you want, but you will get only one entry for each post on which you comment.
  • The maximum number of entries per person will be 5. You can comment on more than 5 posts, of course, but commenting on 5 five will already get you the maximum number of entries. 
  • You can comment on the English and Spanish versions of each post and get two entries, but you must use the same language that the post is written in.
  • The last post of this special will be published after the winners of the BSFA Awards are announced and will state when the giveaway will be closed (probably 3 or 4 days afterwards).
  • After the giveaway is closed I will count all the entries and I will use or a similar service to choose one winner
  • To contact the winner I will need a valid email address or twitter username so be sure to include your contact information in your comments.
  • If after 7 days of contacting the winner she/he has not claimed the prize I will proceed to choose a different winner.
The prize of the giveaway is your choice of:
  • A $20 gift card 
  • A $20 gift card
  • Up to $20 in books from (provided The Book Depository delivers to your country) 
  • If you live in Spain, you can choose instead a hardcover edition of The Islanders by Christopher Priest, shortlisted for the 2012 BSFA Awards, that I will send right to your home.
Of course, this post is part of the BSFA Awards Special, so you can get one entry for the giveaway by answering the following question on the comments: Which BSFA Awards winner or nominee would you buy with your gift card if you win the giveaway? 

Note: I am in no way related to the British Science Fiction Association and this special and the giveaway are not endorsed by the BSFA, Amazon, BaenEbooks or The Book Depository.

Update: The giveaway will be closed on 2012 April 12nd at 23:59 GMT+2

New Update: The giveaway is now closed 

(You can also read this post in Spanish/También puedes leer esta entrada en español)

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