sábado, 1 de junio de 2013

Free Ebook: The Ruffler and The Hughwayman by Stephen Hunt and Andrew Tolley

As of now, you can download The Ruffler and The Hughwayman, a comic-book by Stephen Hunt and Andrew Tolley, from Amazon (US, ES). This is the product description:

A comic-book based on Stephen Hunt's dark short story, 'The Ruffler and the Highwayman'.

Written in Hunt's Triple Realm universe (For the Crown and the Dragon), this tale is set in a steampunk alternative reality 18th century where haunted forests cover the land and a Pendragon queen still rules Albion.

In a deep woodland, the prince of rufflers (thieves) meets a highwayman. But the meeting isn't chance and nothing is what it seems.

The Ruffler and The Highwayman features stunning artwork from one of Liverpool's leading illustrators, Andrew Tolley.

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