viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Dos libros gratuitos de K.J. Bishop

En estos momentos se pueden descargar gratuitamente de Amazon la novela The Etched City y la colección de relatos That Book Your Mad Ancestor Wrote, ambos de K.J. Bishop. Éstas son las sinopsis:

“Have you seen a split cranium, growing flowers like a window box? I saw that, a mere hour ago.” 
Fleeing the ghosts of their violent past, two former revolutionaries – the roguish, rakish Gwynn and the taciturn Raule – escape from the ruined Copper Country to the tropical city of Ashamoil. As they salvage new lives from the rubble of the old, they discover that the ghosts of the past are also the ghosts of the future. As comic and tragic destinies play out, art will infect life, dream and waking fuse, and splendid and frightening miracles will bloom. 
The genre-defying, multi-award-winning The Etched City is a fantasy novel like no other. Drawing upon diverse influences including Westerns, fin-de-siècle Decadence, gangster dramas and New Wave fantasy, this strange, lavishly-written book entertains while casting a spell of real and lasting magic. 
Duellists in a decadent urban dream. Lost creatures in a bizarre post-apocalypse. Fables lingering into almost-modern worlds. From hallucinatory surrealism to human dramas at the fuzzy edges of reality, these stories and poems by the author of The Etched City are by turns exuberant, poignant, darkly funny and delightfully deranged, all showcasing the inventive magic of an acclaimed literary fantasist. 
Includes Aurealis Award winner The Heart of a Mouse and two stories in the world of The Etched City, one previously unpublished. 

Nota: Quiero agradecer a Mihai Adascalitei el aviso de esta oferta.

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