martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

Dos ebooks gratuitos de Nancy Fulda

En estos momentos se pueden descargar gratuitamente en Kobo dos ebooks de Nancy Fulda. Los títulos y sus sinopsis son los siguientes:

This omnibus brings together three stories by Hugo and Nebula nominee Nancy Fulda. 
Kitjaya is a solo mind, bereft of telepathic communication with her sib-group and isolated from the only deity her species has ever known. Prophecy foretells that Kitjaya will protect her kin from a malevolent destroyer, but as the day of reckoning approaches, she finds herself unwilling to play out the role demanded of her by society. 
Sacia's fellow AI's have eradicated all humans from their colony world. A second wave of colonists will soon arrive. Unless Sacia can find a way to smooth the conflict between man and machine, every one of those humans will die. 
A mysterious presence stalks the hallways of the Sky-King's palace, stealing dreams and condemning the king's dancers to a living death. As the last living bearer of the Gift in the palace, the task of unraveling this mystery falls to young Aesva. But she is young; inexperienced; and the woman most able to assist her has already died.
This novelette was a 2011 Jim Baen Memorial Award Winner. It can be read from start to finish in about two hours. 
Norma Jean Goodwyn is 120 years old and the founder of a most unusual space station. She and her peers -- healthy, vibrant, yet forced into retirement by bureaucratic policies that haven't kept up with medical advances -- built the Gary Hudson Exospheric Laboratory as a haven for senior citizens who refused to grow idle in their old age. 
Now, political opponents are angling to take control of Hudson Exospheric, and Norma Jean won't have it. Over her dead body, or otherwise.

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