domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Novedad: Mother Go, de James Patrick Kelly

Ya está a la venta Mother Go, una novela de James Patrick Kelly que, por el momento, sólo está disponible en audiolibro y por medio de Audible. Esta es su sinopsis:
She is the clone of a famed space explorer, but Mariska Volochkova rejects her mother and her heritage and wants no part of interstellar adventure. Although she is genetically engineered to hibernate through the interminable decades of space travel, Mariska's home is a habitat on the moon, and there she intends to stay. 
But the sweep of interplanetary politics and an affair with a Martian catches Mariska up in a conspiracy to commit a bold theft that will alter the future of space colonization. Mariska must put her life on the line again and again if she is to discover who she is and what her true destiny must be. 
In his first new novel in more than 20 years, Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Award winner James Patrick Kelly has crafted a hard science techno-thriller that never loses its focus on the conflicted emotional life of Mariska, a true citizen of the posthuman 22nd century.

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