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Novedad: Nature Futures 2, antología de Collin Sullivan y Henry Gee

La editorial Tor ha puesta a la venta Nature Futures 2, el segundo volumen de una serie de antologías que recopila los microrrelatos de ciencia ficción publicados en la prestigiosa revista científica Nature. La selección es de Collin Sullivan y Henry Gee e incluye los siguientes cien cuentos:
  1. “A Pocket Full of Phlogiston”, S. R. Algernon
  2. “The Chair”, Madeline Ashby
  3. “Recoper”, Neal Asher
  4. “The Cleverest Man in the World”, Tony Ballantyne
  5. “Formic Gender Disorder”, Barrington J. Bayley
  6. “Annie Webber”, Elizabeth Bear
  7. “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Panda”, Jacey Bedford
  8. “Gifts of the Magi”, Anatoly Belilovsky
  9. “Caveat time traveller”, Gregory Benford
  10. “Eating with Integrity”, David Berreby
  11. “Expectancy Theory”, Ananyo Bhattacharya
  12. “To My Father”, David G. Blake
  13. “War Of The Roses”, Polenth Blake
  14. “likeMe”, Keith Brooke
  15. “In the Recovery Room”, Eric Brown
  16. “The Universe Reef”, Tobias Buckell
  17. “A Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss”, Steve Carper
  18. “Life, Abundant and with Simple Joy”, Sarah K. Castle
  19. “Reach for the Stars”, Priya Chand
  20. “Tea with Jillian”, Brenda Cooper
  21. “Squealer”, Robert Nathan Correll
  22. “Acting Up”, Elizabeth Counihan
  23. “You, In Emulation”, Kathryn Cramer
  24. “Jenna’s clocks”, T. F. Davenport
  25. “High on the Hog”, Sean Davidson
  26. “Pop-ups”, Robert Dawson
  27. “The Omniplus Ultra”, Paul Di Filippo
  28. “The Gower Street Cuckoos”, Joe Dunckley
  29. “Transmission Received”, Peter J. Enyeart
  30. “A Perfect Drug”, Dan Erlanson
  31. “Words and music”, Ronald D. Ferguson
  32. “Recursion”, Simon Quellen Field
  33. “Non-skid”, John Frizell
  34. “Corrective Action”, John Gilbey
  35. “Health Tips for Traveller”, David W. Goldman
  36. “The Chess Players”, Dan Gollub
  37. “Buzz Off”, John Grant
  38. “Man of Steel”, Richard P Grant
  39. “Midnight in the Cathedral of Time”, Preston Grassmann
  40. “The Best of Us”, Lee Hallison
  41. “Press ‘1’ to Begin”, Nye Joell Hardy
  42. “Fine-tuning the Universe”, Merrie Haskell
  43. “Me Am Petri”, Martin Hayes
  44. “Event Horizon”, Jeff Hecht
  45. “The Perfect Egg”, Tania Hershman
  46. “The Ostracons of Europa”, Ken Hinckley
  47. “Her Name was Jane”, Joses Ho
  48. “Midnight at the A&E”, Taik Hobson
  49. “Trying to Let Go”, Kerstin Hoppenhaus
  50. “World Wire Web”, Gareth D Jones
  51. “Ted Agonistes”, Rahul Kanakia
  52. “Shoppers”, James Patrick Kelly
  53. “The Problem of Junior”, Swapna Kishore
  54. “Warez”, David Langford
  55. “Stay Special”, Susan Lanigan
  56. “Dead Yellow”, Tanith Lee
  57. “A Good Time”, Shelly Li
  58. “Mortar Flowers”, Jessica May Lin
  59. “The Stuff We Don’t Do”, Marissa Lingen
  60. “Monkeys”, Ken Liu
  61. “A Game of Self-Deceit”, Clayton Locke
  62. “Succussion”, Steve Longworth
  63. “After Experiment Seven”, Michael W. Lucht
  64. “Escapism”, Nick Mamatas
  65. “Hard Man to Surprise”, David Marusek
  66. “Twitterspace”, William Meikle
  67. “Picnic With Ants”, Mark W. Moffett
  68. “Be Swift, My Darling”, John Moran
  69. “Can of Wormholes”, Neale Morison
  70. “George and Priti”, Anand Odhav Naranbhai
  71. “Frog in a Bucket”, Gareth Owens
  72. “For Your Information”, Conor Powers-Smith
  73. “Invisible”, João Ramalho-Santos
  74. “A Better Mousetrap”, Mike Resnick
  75. “The Pair-bond Imperative”, Jennifer Rohn
  76. “Immeasurable”, H. E. Roulo
  77. “The Rumination on What Isn’t”, Alex Shvartsman
  78. “Unglued”, Amber D. Sistla
  79. “Out of the Blue”, Mohamad Atif Slim
  80. “Steve Sepp, Tasty! Tasty!”, Matthew Sanborn Smith
  81. “The Silver Bullet and the Golden Goose”, Norman Spinrad
  82. “Dark They Were, and Strange Inside”, Vaughan Stanger
  83. “Survivors and Saviours”, Philip T. Starks
  84. “The Day We Made History”, Ian Stewart
  85. “The Greatest Science-Fiction Story Ever Written”, Eric James Stone
  86. “1-9-4-Blue-3-7-2-6-Gamma-Tetrahedron”, Ian Randal Strock
  87. “Extremes”, Rachel Swirsky
  88. “White Lies”, Grace Tang
  89. “Expatriate”, Julian Tang
  90. “21st-Century Girl”, Adrian Tchaikovsky
  91. “A Sentence to Life”, Igor Teper
  92. “Life in a Monastic Lab”, Joost Uitdehaag
  93. “Let Slip the Dogs”, William T. Vandemark
  94. “To All Sister Capsules”, Scott Virtes
  95. “Glass Future”, Deborah Walker
  96. “The Drained World”, Ian Watson
  97. “A Piratical Sabbatical”, Ian Whates
  98. “The Front Line”, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  99. “The Cambrian”, George Zebrowski
  100. “Here Be Monsters”, Stephanie Zvan

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