jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

2012 BFSA Awards: Alea Jacta Est

(Disclaimer: English is my second language, so I want to apologize in advance for there may be mistakes in the text below. If you find any, please let me know so that I can correct it. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.)
Only a couple of days to know the winners of the 2012 BSFA Awards. Let me remind you the shortlists:

Best Novel:
  • Cyber Circus by Kim Lakin-Smith (Newcon Press)
  • Embassytown by China Mieville (Macmillan)
  • The Islanders by Christopher Priest (Gollancz)
  • By Light Alone by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)
  • Osama by Lavie Tidhar (PS Publishing)
Best Short Fiction:
Best Non-Fiction:
Best Art:
  • Cover of Ian Whates’s The Noise Revealed by Dominic Harman (Solaris)
  • Cover and illustrations of Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls by Jim Kay (Walker)
  • Cover of Lavie Tidhar’s Osama by Pedro Marques (PS Publishing)
  • Cover of Liz Williams’s A Glass of Shadow by Anne Sudworth (Newcon Press)

As the host of this BSFA Awards Special I'll refrain from predicting the winners, but if you want to get an entry for the giveaway tell us who you favorites are on the comments of this post.

Good luck to all the nominees!

(You can also read this post in Spanish/También puedes leer esta entrada en español)

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