viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Contenidos de Beta-Life: Short Stories from an A-Life Future

Con un cierto retraso puesto que se publicó a finales de octubre del año pasado, me entero de la existencia de Beta-Life: Short Stories from an A-Life Future, una interesante antología editada por Martyn Amos y Ra Page que combina ensayos con relatos de ciencia ficción sobre vida artificial.

Estos son sus contenidos:

  • Introduction: How the Future Used to Look
  • The Sayer of the Sooth, Martyn Bedford
  • Afterword: No More Secrets, Dr James O'Shea
  • Swarm, Robin Yassin-Kassab
  • Afterword: Rise of the Machines, Lenka Pitonakova
  • Growing Skyscrapers, Adam Marek
  • Afterword: Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow, Prof Susan Stepney
  • The Loki Variations, Andy Hedgecock
  • Afterword: The Moral Onboard Compass, Micah Rosenkind
  • Everyone Says, Stuart Evers
  • Afterword: Everyone Surveys, Prof Christian Jantzen
  • A Swarm of Living Robjects Around Us, Adam Roberts
  • Afterword: Sing me to Sleep, Stephen Dunne
  • Luftpause, Annie Kirby
  • Afterword: A Comma on the Wall, Prof Seth Bullock
  • The Quivering Woods, Margaret Wilkinson
  • Afterword: We Can Redirect it for You Wholesale, Dr James Snowdon
  • Certain Measures, Sean O'Brien
  • Afterword: Bot/Kettle, Prof Martyn Amos
  • Blurred Lines, Julian Gough
  • Afterword: Neuroscience and Beyond, Dr Germán Terrazas
  • The Bactogarden, Sarah Schofield
  • Afterword: Dream Sequence, Prof Martyn Amos
  • Keynote at the European Conference on Artificial Life 2070, Zoe Lambert
  • Afterword: The Unknowable Brain, Dr Andre Philippides
  • The Familiar, Lucy Caldwell
  • Afterword: The Feeling of What it is Like to be a Robot, Prof Alan Winfield
  • Making Sandcastles, Claire Dean
  • Afterword: Make/Shift, Prof Steen Rasmussen
  • The Longhand Option, Dinesh Allirajah
  • Afterword: Boring, Boring Robots..., Prof Francesco Mondada
  • Fully Human, K.J. Orr
  • Afterword: A Branching Future of Synthetic Minds, Prof Thomas S. Ray
  • The War of All Against All, Joanna Quinn
  • Afterword: We've Got Your Numbers, Dr James Dyke
  • Bruno Wins!, Frank Cottrell-Boyce
  • Afterword: The Hope Cycle, Prof Andrew Vardy
  • A Brief History of Transience, Toby Litt
  • Afterword: Where am I?, Prof J. Mark Bishop

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