martes, 19 de abril de 2016

New release: Castles in Spain, 25 Years of Spanish Fantasy and Science Fiction

You can now buy Castles in Spain, 25 Years of Spanish Fantasy and Science Fiction, an anthology edited by Mariano Villarreal and translated into English by a team headed by Sue Burke. 

These are the synopsis and table of contents:
An exceptional chance to get the stories by Spain's top authors that changed the direction of its speculative fiction. 
Elia Barceló, César Mallorquí, Juan Miguel Aguilera, Domingo Santos, Rodolfo Martínez, León Arsenal, Rafael Marín, Félix J. Palma, Javier Negrete, and Eduardo Vaquerizo. Ten names that were and are the heart and soul of Spanish science fiction and fantasy. Ten short stories and novelettes that will bring you a sample of its crucial styles, strengths, and subjects in Spain's bigger-on-the-inside history of fantastic literature.

Table of Contents: 
Presentación / Introduction – Mariano Villarreal
La estrella / The Star – Elia Barceló
El rebaño / The Flock – César Mallorquí
El bosque de hielo / The Forest of Ice – Juan Miguel Aguilera
Mi esposa, mi hija / My Wife, My Daughter – Domingo Santos
Mensajero de dios / Messenger of God – Rodolfo Martínez
En las fraguas marcianas / In the Martian Forges – León Arsenal
Una canica en la palmera / A Marble in the Palm – Rafael Marín
La nave de los albatros / The Albatross Ship – Félix J. Palma
La cacería secreta / The Sword of Fire – Javier Negrete
Víctima y verdugo / Victim and Executioner – Eduardo Vaquerizo

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