sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Novedad: The Days of Tao, de Wesley Chu

Subterranean Press pone hoy a la venta The Days of Tao, una novela corta de Wesley Chu situada en el universo de sus novelas The Lives of Tao, The Deaths of Tao y The Rebirths of Tao

Ésta es la sinopsis del libro:
Cameron Tan wouldn't have even been in Greece if he hadn't gotten a 'D' in Art History. 
Instead of spending the summer after college completing his training as a Prophus operative, he's doing a study abroad program in Greece, enjoying a normal lifespending time with friends and getting teased about his crush on a classmate. 
Then the emergency notification comes in: a Prophus agent with vital information needs immediate extraction, and Cameron is the only agent on the ground, responsible for getting the other agent and data out of the country. The Prophus are relying on him to uncomplicate things. Easy. 
Easy, except the rival Genjix have declared all-out war against the Prophus, which means Greece is about to be a very dangerous place. And the agent isn't the only person relying on Cameron to get them safely out of the countryhis friends from the study abroad program are, too. Cameron knows a good agent would leave them to fend for themselves. He also knows a good person wouldn't. Suddenly, things aren't easy at all. 
The Days of Tao is the latest in the popular Tao series from award-winning author, Wesley Chu. Following after The Rebirths of Tao, this novella carries on the fast-moving and fun tone of the series.

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