miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Two Free Ebooks by Andre Norton

As of now, you can download for free from Amazon the following two ebooks by Andre Norton:

The Gate of the Cat (Amazon US, Amazon ES)

Book eight of the Witch Word - Estcarp series.

Come. Step through an ancient arch in the Scottish highlands - and into a world beyond all earthly possibilities...

Where fearsome creatures abound and witches rule supreme. Where a sparkling jewel carries a strange and awesome power. Where the terrifying forces of the Dark ravage the countryside.

And where a young Earth woman named Kelsie McBlair holds the key to Witch World's future. Trapped in a bizarre web of science and sorcery, she alone can pierce the savage heart of evil...by confronting the lord of the Dark himself!


Gryphon in Glory (Amazon US, Amazon ES)

Book six of the Witch World - High Hallack Series.

The Waste was stirring and strange forms of the Dark, long quiet, began to wake as Kerovan - whose cloven hoofs marked his kinship with the Old Ones - Journeyed into the Waste on a secret mission, Leaving behind the girl he loved Joisan, however, rode after him, wearing about her neck Kerovan’s gift, a small crystal globe encasing a miniature gryphon. While Kervan strove for answers to the riddles of the Dark, Joisan worked to unlock the power of the crystal gryphon. But only together could they hope to find the ancient Sleeper and defeat the forces of evil.


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  1. Descargados, gracias por la noticia odo.

  2. Todo un placer :) Gracias a ti por leer Sense of Wonder y por comentar :)

  3. Encontré otros dos libros gratuitos de Andre Norton:

    Time Traders:

    Star Soldiers:


  4. Gracias, Luis. Esos dos ya los anuncié en un post anterior http://sentidodelamaravilla.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/ebooks-gratuitos-de-david-weber-eric.html

    Por eso no he querido repertirlos.

    De todas formas, muchas gracias por el aporte, que le vendrá muy bien a quien no los viera anteriormente.

  5. No estaba al tanto, por eso consideré la mención. Muchas gracias y acá seguiré volviendo.

  6. Sí, sí, era muy pertinente, gracias :) A veces no me doy cuenta de que hay gente que se puede haber perdido algunos posts (y tampoco quiero resultar pesado repitiendo enlaces) y por eso no los pongo, pero de vez en cuando viene bien recordarlo :)

    Gracias por el aporte y por pasarte por Sense of Wonder :)

    1. Es que seguirte el ritmo es trabajo a jornada completa ;)