sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

Tres ebooks de Dan Simmons en oferta

En estos momentos se pueden adquirir tres ebooks de Dan Simmons por sólo 1,26€ en Kobo, precio que se puede reducir aún más si se dispone de algún cupón de descuento. Dos de ellos también están rebajados en Amazon, en este caso a 1,23€. 

Los títulos y sus sinopsis son los siguientes:

Flashback (Amazon, Kobo)
Terrorism and ultra-violence plague a once powerful society, whose only escape is to numb itself on flashback: a euphoric yet cripplingly addictive regression drug. 
Ex-cop and addict Nick Bottom has seen flashback take his badge, his reputation and the love of his son. Alone and in despair, he has hit rock bottom. 
Nick is about to receive a proposition. Billionaire magnate Hiroshi Nakamura needs his services, and, in particular, his memories. 

Black Hills (Kobo)
Paha Sapa, 'Black Hills', is an American Indian shaman who, as a young boy at the Battle of Little Bighorn, believes that he has taken the ghost of the dying General Custer into his body. 
Sixty years later, while working as a dynamiter on Mount Rushmore, Paha Sapa plots to blow up the monument. Meanwhile, Custer finds himself trapped in a strange, dark place and begins to write sensuous, heartbreaking missives to his beloved wife. 
Thus begins an intricate, visionary story that sweeps across some of the most tumultuous and violent periods of American history, from the old West to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and into our own time and beyond. 

Carrion Comfort (AmazonKobo)
Carrion Comfort penetrates the darkest recesses of the 20th century, as one man seeks to justify his belief that a secret society of powerful beings is behind many of the world's most horrific catastrophes. Ranking among the greatest reinventions of the vampire legend, this classic novel explores humanity's attraction to violence and what it means for our future.

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